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Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice

Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice

Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice  Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice
Original etching signed lower right. Numbered on 40 ex format 56 x 38 cm. Ladislas Kijno is a French painter born in Warsaw. He moved to a small town in the Pas-de-Calais: nux-les-mines. Since the 1980s he lives in saint-germain-en-laye.

Installed in the Paris region since the end of the 1950s, ladislas kijno has, over the decades, multiplied the sprays in painting and has established itself as one of the masters of the technique called crumpling. From the mid-1920s he studied philosophy, including Jean Grenier. Then went to the workshop of Germaine Richier.

In the post-second world war. His meeting with louis aragon.

It has also led to much work in collaboration with poets. Countless tributes inhabit his creations: Nicolas de Staël. But still fighting alongside the Algerian or Vietnamese peoples, but also tahiti, China, the Easter Island. He participated in the biennale of venice.

In the 1990s, he worked on the rose. From our lady of the trellis.

It will be completed 9 years later .. an issue of the magazine the art lover. It was partly devoted to him, with in particular an interview with jean-pierre thiollet. Title: "ladislas kijno: I am a monk of art!

In 1996, Ladislas Kijno suggested to Bishop Vilnet, Bishop of Lille, the idea of ​​dedicating this "modern" part of the crypt to a contemporary exhibition space on the theme of the passion of Christ. Seven years later, the center of contemporary sacred art. Is born, thanks to the support of the regional council and the association for the renovation of the site of the trellis at the origin of the current facade, welcoming about fifty pieces of the delaine collection. Inaugurated on December 7, 2003, the day after the official launch of "Lille 2004, European Capital of Culture" and as part of the 90th Anniversary Celebration of the Diocese of Lille, it will host some of the biggest names in contemporary artistic creation: georg Baselitz.

Appears the cradle of phenicia. A long poem by françois xavier. In which the painter proposed two versions entwined in the verses (one close to the naïve style, the other more aerial and on Japanese calligraphy). Monumental book printed on vellum johannot, in the Italian format (250 x 330) with 70 numbered copies, jean-pierre huguet editor, 2005. In its box, it also houses an original carborundum engraving by pasnic workshop and signed in black felt.

The work of kijno has been the subject of several films, in particular gerard szabatura, dominik rimbault, daniel the count, raoul sangla, agostini and george marti; and has been featured many times on television and radio by micheline sandrel, michel lancelot, jacques chancel, yves mourousi, jean bertho, bruno vouters and josé artur .. 1943 - begins a long correspondence with paul claudel. He discovers brocéliande of aragon. And the bias of the things of Francis fades. 1946 - he experiments the first crumpled papers that will make him known internationally.

1949 - he participates with some of the greatest artists of the first half of. Among others - to the decoration of the church of Assy. He paints a supper for the crypt. First solo exhibition at the Saint-placide Gallery.

1955 - burns the totality of which he has painted for two years (250 paintings) and leaves to settle to antibes. 1957 - dor of the souchère.

Friend of Nicolas de Stael. Takes the initiative to organize the first big exhibition kijno, at the museum of antibes.

1958 - exposes his series of pebbles of antibes and his paintings and crumpled works of funchal in paris, at the gallery henri Bénézit. 1962 - first exhibition at the gallery henri dupont, lille.

Kijno carries out many wall art projects. 1966 - maeght foundation, saint-paul, 10 years of living art. 1968 - creation of a large mosaic with luigi guardigli for the louise-michel college of saint-etienne-du-rouvray.

1969 - the fight for angela davis. Inspires in kijno a long series of themes on the standing woman. 1971 - Retrospective at the Musée du Havre. Retrospective at the house of reindeer culture.

1973 - at the motte gallery, in geneva, tribute to andreï rublev, paintings and sculptures integrated by féraud. 1974 - mountain sculptures on the plateau of assy on a poem by jean-pierre lemesle, kijno participates in the realization of large colored structures with albert féraud. 1980 - at the biennale de venise, kijno presents 30 monumental wrinkled paintings under the title Théâtre de néruda. This ensemble will then be on display at the royal palace of caserta, arrengario de milan, the contemporary art museum of dunkerque, the noroît d'arras center, the pernod foundation, the toulon museum and the house of culture.

Montbéliard before being permanently installed at the Grand Palais de Lille. Will follow in July 1998 the exhibition i bronzi di riace at the municipal museum of numana (ancona), italy; exhibition renewed from December 2007 to February 2008 at the Palazzo Reale de Bellona. 1982 - stay in china with chu teh chun. He begins his major thematic cycle back to China which will be presented at the Royal Riding School of Saint-Germain-en-Laye. At the castle of vascoeuil.

And at the priory d'airaines. 1985 - at the request of jean-claude casadesus. Kijno makes a series of carmen drawings that the conductor conducts at the Orange Theater. It has been almost thirty years since the two men have close relations on the themes of the creative impulses and the relations between the gestures in music and the gestures in painting. 1987 - presentation of cries and silence at the gallery antonio sapone, in nice.

1988 - installation of ten monumental faces of Buddha. In the loft of the castle of vascoeuil on the occasion of the exhibition at the foundation of the castle. 1989 - at the Los Angeles Biennial. Kijno is introduced by daisy motte.

Series of large canvases on the statues of Easter Island. As part of the tropical workshop. Realize a return series of thahiti presented at the gallery trigano in paris and the sapone gallery in nice.

1991 - experimentation with professor david khayat, at the hospital of the salpêtrière. On the possible beneficial influence of art on the treatment of long illnesses. 1993 - exposure to thicket val.

1994 - Traveling exhibition in Canada. First signs in the spirit of crossbreeding cultures, with riopelle. 1999 - kijno finally sees his large rosette of the cathedral of lille in a metallic structure of peter rice. Retrospective at the museum of cagnes-sur-mer. 2000 - major retrospective at the musée des beaux-arts in Lille. 2001 - museum paul valéry, to sète.

2002 - set of 70 crumpled papers, psychoanalytic variations on tristan tzara presented at the stuarts castle, in aubigny-sur-nère. In the 1989 space of Saint-Ouen. And at home elsa triolet-aragon, saint-arnoult-en-yvelines.

Where he will definitely be installed. Follow the white writings, series of 60 studies on Buddha with the sculptor Jean-Pierre Rives. Presented at the fiera d'arte and the gallery 92. 2004 - Way of the Cross of Love, paintings and drawing on texts and poems of Christmas bernard. 2005 - variations on the stravinski firebird presented at the galerie hélène trintignan, montpellier. 2006 - retrospective presented at the Château Saint-Michel (Russian State Museum), St. 2008 - exhibition of the Way of the Cross, common work with combas. And presented at the chapel saint-louis goblins, paris. National Museum of Modern Art. Modern National Museum of the City of Paris.

Fine Arts Museum of Lille, the harbor, dunkerque, marseille. Museums of Fine Arts of Algiers.

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  1. type: engraving
  2. theme: abstract
  3. period: xxth and contemporary
  4. genre: abstract
  5. characteristics: signed
  6. authenticity: original

Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice  Ladislas Kijno Original Woodcut Signed Abstraction Nice